Wednesday, 28 November 2007

So then... I've created a blog.
Does this mean I am a sadistic geek destined to spend the rest of my life trawling the internet obsessing over HTML? Or does it mean I'm catching up with everybody else?

Either way, here it is. My daily ramblings about "owt 'n' nowt," as we say "up north."

This week I think my head gasket has started to blow on my motorcycle (again). It has only been a month since I've had the bike back from its previous blown gasket. Not only that, all my "idiot" lights have stopped working, as well as the backlight for the speedo. Meaning on these dark winter nights I have no idea how fast I am going.

Was it really worth the ultra-cheap insurance price of a classic bike for all this trouble? I really don't know, at the minute the Yamaha is bringing me no immediate joy.

I'm beginning to long for something modern, with 12v electrics and less maintenance duties and a little more practicality.

But at the same time I know that if I get rid of it for something "better," then I will eventually long for it to be my trusty (well, to an extent) steed once again.

Okay, I'm just moaning now...